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Warranties & Liabilities

Your Football relies on the customer to order the correct sizes and quantities as the following suppliers will not accept returns unless the item is deemed to be faulty or incorrectly supplied - Errea, Stanno, Hummel and Umbro. If these suppliers agree to exchange or take back goods, an administration fee may have to be paid by the customer. This does not affect your statutory rights above.

We class all football clubs, universities, schools, HM forces and other businesses, as business to business customers. These orders are governed by different rules to that of the standard distant selling regulations 2000.

With business to business, you cannot automatically return good for credit, or cancel outstanding orders ordered specifically for you from our trade suppliers. All returns and cancellations are at the discretion of Your Football LTD.


Please note all chest size measurements advised are calculated based on the size of the person and not the size of the garment.

The staff of Your Football Limited will never recommend to the customer the sizes for garments purchased, this is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and they do so at their own risk.

Your Football Limited rely on the customer to order the correct sizes & quantities and confirm in writing, if we supply the specified size/quantity correctly then Your Football will not accept any costs involved in exchanging the product.

Some manufacturers state recommended ages/sizes. You will appreciate that all children are not the same size. This is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and they do so at their own risk.

Garment Care

Please note all of the garments we sell are made using high quality materials under strict quality control conditions. It should be noted that most fabrics discolour due to staining by substances such as mud and grass which may not be entirely removed by washing.

We recommend removing as much mud from the garment as possible before soaking/washing Follow detergent manufacturers' instructions particularly with powders/liquids designed for heavy stains. Avoid products containing chlorine bleach that may damage fabrics, trims and decorative’s.

Soaking garments in water and detergent as soon as possible can reduce discolouration. Use at least an equal amount of water by volume to that of the garments being soaked/washed. Make sure all parts are fully immersed. Pale kits such as White, Yellow, Sky and Tangerine may require more attention and the use of Prewash Soakers will assist in the removal of stains.

Do not overfill the washing machine with garments since if the ratio of water to garments is too small, dirt can easily be re-deposited. This can stain all the garments grey.

We do not recommend fabric conditioners on jerseys and shorts which may cause a build-up of film on fibres. This can prevent the washing process from penetrating filaments and dislodging dirt. However, socks will benefit from fabric conditioners and softeners.

We or the manufacturer will not accept liability for discolouration or damage to garments which is attributable to staining caused by elements foreign to the materials used in manufacture.

 Law, jurisdiction and language

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These conditions do not affect your legal rights.